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Why Our Food Handler Course is Different - 5 Reasons to Train With Us

Good training is an investment in your future, so if you’re looking for food handler certification, don’t be tempted to cut corners. Apart from anything else, your time is valuable. If you’re going to sink hours into a food handler certification course, you need the best on the market. 

Avoid quick fixes and look for providers with an established reputation, high-quality courses, full-service support, and the experience to deliver food handler training that will sharpen your skills and enhance your resume.

5 reasons to choose our food handler certification course

1. Customized Approach

We’re proud to be a Canadian company with a long history of training Canadian food handlers. Our courses aren’t just tailored to the Canadian market, they’re tailored to you - with certification courses that include regional variations. 

Not all provinces follow the same regulations around food safety but we offer our students peace of mind that if they’re taking their online food handler certification in Alberta, they’ll be trained on Alberta’s standards and legislative requirements. 

This customized approach makes us unique. Most competitors offer either broad, nationalized programs, or those based on foreign standards. Our courses focus on equipping students with the skills they’ll need for their local foodservice environment, making them a more attractive hire for businesses in their province.

2. Robust Security

Whether you’re shopping, banking, or learning online, you need to think about your safety. With all of our food handling courses delivered online from a virtual campus, cybersecurity is one of our top priorities.

That’s why we proctor our exams in-house. Other companies often choose to outsource this service offshore, sending your personal data out of the country. Our team manages the Proctor-ME program in-house, ensuring consistent and reliable security and privacy measures that meet standards set by General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). 

3. Full support

With FoodSafetyMarket you get so much more than a certification course. We want our learning experience to be as supportive and comprehensive as possible, offering additional resources to help you train.

Our supporting materials include infographics, posters, and job aids such as guidance on employment policies. This aspect is particularly helpful for employers training their teams. Partner with us and you don’t just get a thorough, high-quality course, you’ll also have the tools to do a self-audit so you can evaluate your team’s skills gaps and operations. 

Whether you’re an individual looking to boost your resume or a business training your staff, we’re a one-stop-shop for all your food safety needs. 

4. Accessible training

Food handlers are a diverse group, from a range of backgrounds and cultures. Recognising this, we’ve made our food handler training course, Managing Food Safety, available in several languages, including Punjabi and Arabic.

Research shows that students learn better when they’re trained in their own language. But language is only one aspect of accessibility. Our inclusive training helps students learn at their own pace, in a way that suits them with engaging visuals, supportive materials, and an easy-to-use interface. With our training, no-one gets left behind.

5. Trainers you can trust

Food handlers need trainers they can trust. Don’t put your education in the hands of a company that’s new to the industry, and doesn’t share information about where they’re based or who they are.

Founded over 25 years ago, FoodSafetyMarket was one of the first companies to offer Canadian food safety training. In that time, we’ve been steadily refining and improving our offerings - taking training online, adding to our catalog, and branching out to partner with trainers, academic institutions, and businesses across the country.

Other providers have come and gone, but we’re here to stay. Why? Because we take our reputation and responsibility seriously, we care about our students and are committed to offering them the best training possible. 

For more information about the Managing Food Safety (MFS) food handling certificate or any of our comprehensive food safety and work skills courses, visit our course catalog or get in touch with our team today!