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Want to Maximize Your Training? Make It Personal

Your waiter, your chef, your line manager, your supervisor - everyone working in your restaurant is an individual. So why train them the same?

When it comes to employee development, restaurants and other foodservice businesses often fall into the trap of buying a one-size-fits-all training solution. These out-of-the-box programs aren’t doing you or your staff any favours, forcing trainees to plough through monotonous modules that don’t cater to their specific abilities, career goals, or level of experience.

Personalized training, on the other hand, helps your employees acquire vital, on the job skills that readily translate to real world environments. Not only that, they encourage staff to take a more active role in their own development, giving them the chance to take control of their training and learn in a way that works for them.

5 Reasons Why Personalizing Your Training Gets Better Results 

1. Users learn at their own pace

Some view training as a treadmill where students hop on and are forced to keep up or they’ll drop out. But learning doesn’t work that way. Staff who are able to go at their own pace will retain information better. They’re not rushed into moving on before they’re ready, and not pressured into taking an exam before they’ve absorbed all the information they need to pass.

2. Training is customized for their career

A good training program gives employees options. Some will want to go for their WHMIS certification, others may just need a refresher on some core skills. Your learning strategy needs to reflect those varying needs, catering to staff at all levels of their career. 

3. Supervision and support

Personalized training requires personalized oversight. Your managers need to know who is on track to get their certification, and who needs extra support. A custom training platform allows this degree of oversight, showing how each employee is progressing with their own training schedule.

4. Training that works with their schedule

Just as staff need to learn at their own pace, they also need training that won’t interfere with the demands of their job. Getting everyone together at the same time for group training is borderline impossible in a busy restaurant. Invest in a training platform that allows users to log in whenever and wherever suits them to avoid any logistical headaches and disruption to their work calendar.

5. Caters to different demographics

Restaurants hire staff of all ages, from older senior managers to student servers. These different generations learn in different ways, with millennials and Gen Z typically being more tech-savvy than their boomer counterparts. A personalized program takes this into account, offering elements that are easy to use, and aimed at different audiences - from a Gen X manager who enjoys reading study guides to your Gen Z food handler who wants a fully online and interactive course.

How to implement a personalized training program

Industry experts FoodSafetyMarket know the value of customizing your training for your business. That’s why we offer a Learning Management System (LMS) that can be deployed as your own training portal - customized with your own URL, branding, course catalog, and user accounts.

From this easy to use interface, your employees have access to a wide range of courses from WHMIS certification to micro-learning workskills modules. They can move through these as needed, taking proctored exams when ready, and learning either in-person or online via a virtual classroom.

Delivered in multiple languages and formats, FoodSafetyMarket training caters to all employees, helping them achieve their career goals while you reap the rewards of a fully compliant and highly-skilled workforce. Contact our team today to browse our courses and learn how we can transform your training.