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Our Reference Handbook is The Only Food Safety Guide You’ll Ever Need

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Our Food Safety Handbook is The Only Industry Guide You’ll Ever Need! 

Whether you’re a restaurant owner, a public health inspector, or trainer offering food handler safety certification, you need to stay up to date with the latest food service industry regulations, policies, and practices. 

That’s why you need a copy of FoodSafetyMarket’s Reference Handbook for Food Safety in the Food Service and Food Retail IndustriesThis in-depth guide contains everything you need to know about the sector - from essential food service practices to managing risk and compliance.   

Restaurants Canada recently discontinued the  Food Safety Code of Practice for Canada's Foodservice Industry. Our guide contains the same information and will not be going out of print any time soon! It’s based on Canada’s Food Retail and Food Service Code, so business owners and their staff can understand and fulfill their regulatory requirements in regards to food handling.   

The new handbook was developed by food safety expert Kevin Freeborn, who has over two decades of food safety training experience, and who has created many of the industry’s benchmark certifications and courses. It’s a comprehensive resource designed to bring everything you need together in one publication - making it invaluable in the office, kitchen or the classroom.  

"This is another tool to help operators transition food safety knowledge from the classroom to implementation in the food service operation.  This handbook provides a resource for food handlers and management to refer to when they are establishing best practices.” 
-Kevin Freeborn, President, FoodSafetyMarket

Topics include: 

  • Food safety hazards 
  • Complaints procedures 
  • Designing and constructing food service facilities 
  • Inspections 
  • Food preparation and storage 
  • Management of food safety programs such as HACCP 
  • Cleaning and sanitation 
  • Employee education and training 

The reference handbook contains QR codes that lead to food safety videos, based on FoodSafetyMarket’s infographic job aids, to visually describe core food safety concepts. This helps to break down language barriers that may exist in your kitchen or business for an extra layer of safety.   

It’s already being used by businesses, academic institutions and trainers across Canada to help them deliver better service, better guidance, and better results. 

Get your copy of The Reference Handbook for Food Safety in the Food Service and Food Retail Industries here and, if you’re looking for further learning resources, browse the FoodSafetyMarket store to view our extensive range of courses, certifications, and educational materials.