Yukon territory Food Safety Regulations

If you own a Yukon foodservice business, you must comply with the following legislation: 

Managing Food Safety is an approved course in the Yukon Territory.
Note that mandatory training is not legislated in the Yukon Territory. 

Excerpt from the code: 

6.0 Education and Training  

6.1 Educational Programs Employees engaged in food operations who come directly in contact with food should be trained in or at least have knowledge of food hygiene to a level appropriate to the operations they are to perform.  

6.2 Mandatory Educational Programs  

  1. a) For some jurisdictions, educational programs may be mandatory for managers/supervisors of food establishments, or a designated person in their absence.  
  2. b) The programs should be based on the level of food safety risk in the food premises. The criteria to measure the level of risk may include:  
  3. i) the number of meals served daily,  
  4. ii) the type of clientele (i.e., higher risk populations), and  

iii) the type of menu items or the complexity of the processes used (i.e., prepared-from-scratch menu items versus preparation or reheating of prepackaged, ready-to-eat foods).  


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