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Since our company began in 1997, we've certified over 100,000 food handlers, worked with more than 200 food safety trainers, and guided our learners to achieve an exam pass rate of over 98%.

Behind those numbers lies a story of growth, learning, and continuous development as we seek to provide exceptional service and best-in-class education for all kinds of foodservice businesses.

Whether you're a small town restaurant or a nationwide chain, we help you become fully compliant with all relevant regulations and stay ahead of everything you need to know about food handler safety.

Our journey took us from two people in a small office to an industry-leading business with contractors and partnerships across the globe. Wherever your journey takes you, we're grateful to be a part of it.

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Our story

Freeborn & Associates Inc, the precursor to FoodSafetyMarket, began in 1997 with a handful of clients and a desire to become Canada's leading food safety educator.

In the decades since then, we've realised that dream (and a few others!) – expanding across the country and becoming the go-to partner for all kinds of foodservice businesses from grocery stores to fast food franchises.

It's not just about building our business, however. We've always been deeply involved in the industry and committed to its development, refining and evolving to meet new food safety challenges.

In 1999, founder Kevin Freeborn was invited to help develop a new version of a leading US certification.

A year later, the team brought its expertise home – consulting on two new Canadian food safety programs that set the bar for later iterations.

Throughout the 2000s, we continued to be at the cutting edge of industry innovation. Our work with HACCP software systems and our train-the-trainers programs were recognized by the Foodservice Consultants Society International, scooping us FCSI awards in both 2003 and 2005.

With more technological tools available by the end of the decade, our team further embraced the digital revolution. We were the first to create and implement a learning management system specifically designed for e-learning food safety certification – later adapted to easily integrate with a client's existing in-house LMS.

As our services grew, so did the business and in 2016 the FoodSafetyMarket brand was born. We now offer a range of online and in-person courses, supporting materials, virtual resources, consulting services, and more. Our client list includes some of Canada's top brands, including Wendy's, Burger King, and The Keg. We also work closely with academic institutions and trainers, continuing our mission of educating future food handlers.

Our Values

FoodSafetyMarket isn’t just an online certification provider, we're a full-service firm with a passion for education and a drive to create a sustainable culture of food safety.

We want to help operators in the industry meet and exceed safety standards. We want to make it easy for employees, trainers, and individuals to access high-quality learning tools. We want to give our clients the confidence that comes from knowing they're prioritizing best practices.

In short, we're here to serve you...so you can safely serve your customers.

And we do that by putting you first. We care about every client's experience, working with them to continuously improve our offerings and deliver first class service.

Our values are apparent in how we do business – honestly, ethically, and for the good of our clients, customers, and community.

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Meet Our Team

Kevin Freeborn

CEO, Co-Founder

With over 25 years experience, numerous awards, and several acclaimed courses under his belt, Kevin Freeborn is the one of the food safety industry's leading lights.

Kevin began his career in Tourism and Hospitality, obtaining an MBA from the University of Guelph. He then graduated as a Science Laboratory Technician from Sir Sandford Fleming College and went on to launch his food safety consultancy firm Freeborn & Associates Inc in 1997 with his wife, Nevenka.

Kevin has consulted on, and created, many of North America's gold standard food safety programs and certifications, including ServSafe Essentials and ServSafe 'A Practical Approach to HACCP'. He's worked with top industry bodies in both the US and Canada to develop training tools and learning platforms for the restaurant sector and wider foodservice industry.

Under Kevin's leadership, Freeborn & Associates Inc. rapidly expanded, officially becoming FoodSafetyMarket in 2016. The FoodSafetyMarket brand is now known as the best in the business, serving big name brands such as KFC, Swiss Chalet, and Cineplex.

The company may have changed and grown, but Kevin's core goal remains the same – to help others by sharing his knowledge and know-how. When he's not devoting his time to company and clients, Kevin loves exploring his home community of Collingwood on the shores of Georgian Bay, enjoying the beautiful scenery and hitting the fairways for a few rounds of golf.

Nevenka Freeborn


Nevenka had more than a decade of experience in marketing and merchandising when she helped found Freeborn & Associates Inc in 1997.

Her insight helps the company hone our processes to ensure our team delivers exceptional service.

In her spare time she loves hanging out with her kids, heading to the beach, and indulging her creativity in the kitchen with new cooking projects.


IT Manager

After completing her studies in Computer Science, Lisa began her career helping small and medium-sized enterprises develop code for their software solutions.

Lisa joined the team in 2015 and is a natural fit for FoodSafetyMarket thanks to her passion for education and ongoing learning. She's worked with many clients to train their staff and implement in-house digital architecture, supporting our customers as they get to know our e-learning services.

Technically-minded yet creative, Lisa is a problem-solver. She helps us design and implement user-friendly systems that make the client experience intuitive and seamless.

While Lisa loves learning new computer languages, she also enjoys taking time out from her desk to balance the demands of family and farm work.


Bilingual Service Rep and Order Admin

Dianna grew up in Montreal, working in that province's fast-paced service industry for over a decade.

Fully bilingual, she's worked with several companies in both Quebec and Ontario to deliver quality customer service in both official languages.

In her role as FoodSafetyMarket's service rep and order admin, Dianna manages the production and shipping of our food safety training materials to clients across Canada.

When she's not juggling deliveries and deadlines, Dianna loves spending time with her family, reading, and indulging in a bit of online retail therapy.


Customer Service Lead

Marina has over two decades experience delivering exceptional customer service for Canadian organizations big and small.

Connecting with our vision for service excellence, Marina joined the FoodSafetyMarket team in 2015 and has been a hit with clients ever since.

She's helped build close relationships with all of our customers and among the service staff, regularly going above and beyond (her team-building chocolates are a particular highlight).

Away from the office, Marina relaxes and recharges by reading, knitting, and hanging out with her dog.

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