Food Safety Solutions for Businesses

If you're in the Canadian food service industry, you know that food handler training, certification and safety are the backbone of your business.

It doesn't matter whether you're a family-owned corner cafe, a provincial grocery store, or a sprawling nationwide chain, you need access to the most up to date and effective training to protect your customers and your business.

FoodSafetyMarket has been helping keep businesses compliant for over two decades, with a focus on engaging and intuitive learning. Our comprehensive portfolio of online training programs is designed to cater to every kind of business and every kind of student.

With our transparent and secure platform, users can progress at their own pace and take their exams whenever they're ready. They don't need any special skills or technology to access our virtual community - just an internet connection. If you do need some assistance, the FoodSafetyMarket team is available 24/7 to help you get to know the program and support your business as you onboard your employees.

Training can be delivered entirely online or in-person. The learning dashboard easily integrates into your company's LMS or, alternatively, can be created and hosted by us. We'll give you a URL customized with your own corporate branding and personalized About Us and Contact pages. From there, users can log in to easily navigate the course layout and access their files, evaluations, educational materials, and any completed certifications.

We use Open Badges 2.0 Compliant Digital Badges so members can track their skills, evaluations, and certifications as they earn them. Our programs are bilingual, with French and English options, and incorporate visual aids for those who struggle with language learning.

All of our courses were developed by industry veteran and FoodSafetyMarket founder Kevin Freeborn, with the final exams professionally proctored in-house or online by our Canadian FoodSafetyMarket trainers.

Our training solutions are tailor-made to suit businesses of varying size and scale. For more information on which program is right for your company, take a look at the categories below or contact us directly – our team is always happy to answer your questions!

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We have been working for over 20 years to provide customized solutions for all types of businesses.

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