nunavut Food Safety Regulations

Food safety laws for Nunavut foodservice business are covered with the following legislation: 

Food handler training is recommended in Nunavut  

Food safety laws were updated in 2018 to allow for handling of "country food", a term used frequently by the Inuit people to describe their traditional foods. 

 Food Safety Application 23. (1) This section applies to a person who  

(a) distributes, serves, or sells food to the public or in an institution or camp; or  

(b) manufactures, imports, processes, prepares, packages, stores, handles, transports, distributes, serves or sells food destined to be distributed, served or sold to the public or in an institution or camp. Unfit or unsafe for human consumption  

(2) No person described in subsection (1) shall distribute, serve or sell food that is  

(a) unfit or unsafe for human consumption;  

(b) past the expiry date, if any, after which the manufacturer does not recommend that the product be consumed; or  

(c) in the case of water, not in compliance with the prescribed water quality standards.  

Food safety (3) A person described in subsection (1) shall ensure the safety of the food, including by  

(a) operating in a clean and sanitary manner;  

(b) maintaining his or her premises and transport vehicles under clean and sanitary conditions;  

(c) taking reasonable measures to prevent contamination of the food; and  

(d) taking reasonable measures to protect the public from other food related health hazards. 


Food safety Legislation