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Equip Your Students With The Food Safety Skills They Need to Succeed

Food safety training is a crucial part of food handler certification, but for students looking to truly make a mark in the foodservice industry, it needs to be more than just a box-ticking exercise.

If you’re an instructor looking to equip your students for a long and successful foodservice career, start by offering them a course that puts them ahead of the competition. FoodSafetyMarket has worked with many high-profile educational institutions, including Georgian College and Niagara College, to deliver cutting-edge training that’s relevant, engaging and, most importantly, gets students noticed as they enter the market. 

Designed with teachers in mind

FoodSafetyMarket certifications help your students enhance their resume, even before they graduate, with national accreditations available through our comprehensive courses. 

Programs are delivered via your school’s Learning Management System (LMS) so there’s no logging on to external sites, juggling different systems, keeping track of multiple passwords and accounts, or learning new tech tools from scratch. Instead, course participants can use an interface they’re already familiar with, while their instructors can easily navigate the modules to assign projects and monitor their progress. 

For teachers, this streamlined operating system allows them to upload their own materials and assignments, giving them a structured yet flexible program they can tweak to suit their own teaching style and course requirements. 

Partnering with Niagara College for their Personal Support Worker program, the FoodSafetyMarket course helped students target their learning - providing not just the necessary food safety lessons and certification but also adding discussion points, assignments, and coursework relating to working in a long-term care setting.

Student success

Working with FoodSafetyMarket, you have complete confidence that your students are well-equipped to enter the workplace. Our courses have a 98% pass rate, delivering everything wannabe foodservice employees need to know, in an easily-digestible format that ensures they don’t just ace the exam, they’ll also retain and use everything they’ve learned.

Courses can be taught either in-class or online, allowing for remote working and e-learning. But learners don’t just stare at a screen, they can also make use of a range of FoodSafetyMarket training materials such as workbooks, posters, exam papers, and infographics. Attractive visuals and interactive case studies help students fully engage with the topics, showing where their newfound skills and knowledge can be used in a kitchen or other foodservice environment.

All students are accommodated with visual aids for those with limited literacy skills and different language options for those who don’t speak English as a first language.

Packed with up-to-date information, including the very latest federal and provincial regulatory requirements, our food safety courses prepare students to hit the ground running, wherever their career takes them.

FoodSafetyMarket works with academic institutions from across Canada to deliver market-leading food handler certification courses to students and instructors. All courses were created and developed by FoodSafetyMarket founder Kevin Freeborn, an industry expert who helped create many of the best practices and benchmarks still shaping the sector today. To find out more, reach out to our team today.