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How Micro-Learning can Enhance Employee Training

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Career development is crucial for both employees and their employers, but it's often tough to find the time for training. That's why more and more companies are exploring micro-learning – quick, easy, and very convenient online courses that deliver useful information in short snippets. 

What is micro-learning? 

Micro-learning is a skills-based form of training that provides focused information in bite-sized modules. Usually delivered digitally, this online learning can include infographics, podcasts and blogs but is more commonly done via video. 

The e-learning format is fun, engaging, and more accessible than heavy blocks of text and coursework. It's also less disruptive than conventional training – users aren't forced to carve out chunks of their work day or free time to slog through lessons. 

In the modern world of short attention spans and packed calendars, micro-learning is on the rise. More and more firms are using this type of training to ensure their employees are up to speed with industry requirements. Best-in-Class companies are 60% more likely to consider micro-learning for employee development, according to a study from analysts The Aberdeen Group. 

How effective is micro-learning? 

Micro-learning may be more convenient for trainees, but will they actually retain the information? 

Research shows that consuming information in short bursts is actually better for your brain as it avoids cognitive fatigue. Training in this way means students are less likely to zone out, become distracted or forget what they've learned. 

In one study from the University of Dresden, micro-learners performed 22% better than long-form learners in terms of information retention and comprehension. 

With its easily-digestible blocks of information, micro-learning is ideal for continuous training – especially in industries like food service where compliance and safety are ongoing concerns. 

Micro-learning for your workplace 

The FoodSafetyMarket campus offers over 350 micro-learning courses on a variety of topics ranging from remote working to cybersecurity. Each animated video lasts 2 to 3 minutes and it only takes around 15 minutes to complete an entire course. 

To help you decide what to learn next we've put together topic-specific bundles such as Wellbeing Essentials, Workplace Essentials, and Customer Services. Our popular Compliance Essentials bundle contains 10 modules, including sessions on equality and diversity, fire safety, and sexual harassment. 

All of our micro-learning courses are delivered online through our accessible and easy-to-use learning platform. Simply sign up, select your course and it'll be there in your personalized portal for 365 days so you can learn at your leisure. Every student who completes a course receives a certificate of achievement to record their progress and add to their resume. 

Head to our virtual campus today to browse our comprehensive catalogue of micro-learning courses and find what you need to boost staff skills and increase productivity.