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Made in Canada - Why Food Handlers Need Canadian Food Safety Training

There are many online food handler certification courses on the market. So many, in fact, that it’s hard to know how to choose a reputable program - one that will arm you with the knowledge you need to get a foodservice job, advance your career, and boost your resume.

Your career is important and it’s crucial you get training that’s not just useful but also nationally accredited. Choosing the wrong course - one that’s not up to speed with all Canadian regulations and standards - won’t just cost you time and money, it’ll also hold you back from grabbing your dream job or earning that prestigious promotion.

Take your time choosing your food handler certification. Pick a course that’s backed by experts, thorough, and (most importantly) made in Canada.

The importance of choosing a Canadian food handler certification course

If you want to work in a Canadian foodservice business, you need Canadian food safety training. It sounds like common sense but you’d be surprised how many food safety course providers offer foreign made training to Canadian students.

These companies simply repackage their offerings to grab a larger market, rather than tailoring them to a Canadian audience. It might broaden their customer base but the Canadian customers in question will find themselves with a certification that’s lacking the information they need.

Canada leads on food safety, according to The Economist Impact’s Global Food Security Index (GFSI), an annual report that ranks over 100 countries for markers such as food safety and security. In the 2022 edition, Canada ranked 1st for food quality and safety ahead of all the countries in the report.

Employers will always prefer Canadian food handler certification. And when you’re competing for a job you’ve worked hard for, you want every advantage.

Get your food handler certificate from Canada’s experts

One way to ensure that you get Canadian-focused training is to choose a Canadian provider. 

FoodSafetyMarket was founded in Canada almost three decades ago. Since then we’ve certified hundreds of thousands of food handlers across Canada, from every province and territory, in all sectors of the industry. Our flagship course, Managing Food Safety, was developed by Canadian food safety expert Kevin Freeborn who founded the business and remains at the helm today.

We don’t just certify food handlers; we help craft the certifications themselves - consulting on Canadian food safety standards at the highest level to help maintain the industry’s reputation and competitiveness. 

Our courses are fully up to date on all Canadian regulations, including federal and provincial requirements. And we’re trusted by the best. Our client list includes some of Canada's top brands, including Cineplex, Denny's (Dencan), Keg Restaurants, Moxies, Pizza Pizza, Sodexo, and Wendy's.

We’re a Canadian company, proud to support Canadian food handlers by offering them the very best training on the market. Contact our team today to find out more, or visit our virtual campus to get started!