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Introducing Our Food Handler Certificate Course, Managing Food Safety (MFS)


Effective food handler training is a must for any foodservice business, but it can be a struggle to find the right safe food handling certificate online. That’s why we developed Managing Food Safety (MFS), our flagship food handler certificate course designed to help food handler trainers access the most up-to-date, relevant, and engaging online course materials. 

A nationally recognized, high quality food handling certification program, MFS introduces a variety of new measures to make food safety training more effective, including things like visual case studies that can help trainers to transcend language barriers, opportunities for experiential learning, and detailed regional information.

Managing Food Safety has been enthusiastically received by health authorities and food safety trainers around the country, who have said that the program makes the job of trainers easier, and makes learning more enjoyable for participants.

The best choice for food handler certification

Managing Food Safety is our latest food safety training program designed to help food handlers, food service workers, and food retail management teams better guide and direct staff members to properly prepare and serve food. MFS will also assist in the implementation and integration of safe food handling policies, practices, and procedures into the workplace to ensure a safer, more compliant working environment. The program is nationally recognized, based on Food Retail and Food Services Regulation and Code (FRFSRC) standards and recommendations from both Health Canada and the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA).

The new food handling certification program has been created with the intention of making instructing easier for trainers, and to make learning and participating in training programs more enjoyable and memorable. This has been done through the implementation of experiential learning exercises that not only increase information retention and make learning more enjoyable with hands-on activities and group work. Customized learning opportunities involving relevant case studies are also used in MFS, with interesting case studies for various types of food service. Finally, regional information has been taken into account in MFS, highlighting important legislation used in their particular province or territory and making it easy for trainers to customize training to better suit their local participants.

All new Food handler workbook for better learning outcomes

Featuring an all-new participant workbook, Managing Food Safety boasts all the information a participant needs, along with a whole host of visual case studies and infographics that help participants of all languages to learn and retain important information. The workbook also contains interactive elements like quizzes, activities, and other practical applications that will make the learning experience far more memorable and enjoyable, making the job of the instructor far easier than ever before. The MFS safe food handling course generally takes 6-8 hours to complete in its entirety, including the lessons and 60-question exam. The materials are available in both English and French, with materials like infographics and online training being available in up to 8 different languages.

New options to get your food handling certificate online - Proctor-ME

The introduction of the Managing Food Safety food handler course online also saw the introduction of Proctor-ME, our brand new in-house web proctoring service. Proctor-ME is easy to use, coming in the form of a Google Chrome browser add-on - just install the plugin, turn on your webcam, and go. The new proctoring hub is managed by our team, ensuring consistent and reliable security and privacy measures that meet standards set by General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Proctor-ME is available 24/7, and is overseen by an unbiased and independent reviewers. For those without access to a webcam can use the MFS training program and the certification exam bundled together, with a Food Safety Market certified proctor who will sit down with the exam taker and invigilate the exam.

For more information about the Managing Food Safety (MFS) food handling certificate, visit our course catalog or get in touch with our team today!