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Our Food Handler Certification Course Is Now Available in Chinese!

Canada’s foodservice industry is a diverse and dynamic sector, encompassing a variety of ethnicities. As a longstanding premier provider of educational materials for the industry, we’re on a mission to make training available to everyone - regardless of what language they speak.

Over the past few months, we’ve been innovating behind the scenes to offer our flagship food certification course in multiple languages and we’re now proud to release Managing Food Safety in Chinese

The new version of this popular online certification offers text in Simplified Chinese and narration in Mandarin. It’s suitable for all kinds of learners - from individuals looking to kick start their career in foodservice to seasoned veterans who need a refresher. 

Managing Food Safety is also widely used by operators across the country, including major national franchises, to certify their employees. Delivered through an online learning portal, it’s an easy way to get your team the training they need. 

Accessible training for Chinese-speaking food handlers

Mandarin is one of Canada’s most widely spoken languages. According to the 2021 Stats Can census, more than 500,000 Canadians speak Mandarin at home and it’s now the dominant non-official language in both Toronto and Vancouver.

Restaurants in Canada’s urban hubs are increasingly hiring Mandarin-speaking staff to better serve their Mandarin-speaking customers. It just makes sense to offer these employees training courses in their own language. 

Making training accessible to your Chinese employees sends a powerful message that you’re invested in their success. Help these workers further their foodservice careers and you’ll be rewarded with greater employee engagement, productivity, and loyalty. At a time when the labour shortage is pushing many restaurants to the brink of closure, it’s even more important to empower and thereby retain your staff.

It also maximizes their chances of success. Studies show that when a student learns in their own language, they see significantly better results - being better able to absorb and retain the information.

Food safety is one area where you can’t afford to make mistakes. From food contamination to using sharp tools, there are a lot of hidden hazards in a foodservice setting. If your staff don’t understand their training, or how to apply what they’ve learned in the workplace, you’re putting them - and your customers - at risk. 

Multilingual learning

We live in a multilingual world and your food handler training should reflect that diversity. The federal government plans to welcome 1.4 million new Canadians by 2025, and many of those will need food handler certification as they look for jobs in foodservice.

Managing Food Safety is available in Canada’s official languages, English and French, as well as Punjabi, Arabic, and now Chinese. We’ve been Canada’s leading food safety certification provider for over two decades, and we continue to be at the forefront of the market with training that reflects the changing needs and demographics of the industry. To find out more, browse our course catalog or sign up for the Chinese-language Managing Food Safety course to get started.