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Introducing Our New Punjabi & Arabic Food Safety Courses For Inclusive, Accessible Training

Canada’s diverse workforce is home to many different languages, cultures, and ethnicities - and the foodservice and restaurant industry is no exception. 

Recognizing this, we’re making our food handler certification course, Managing Food Safety (MFS), available in two new languages - Punjabi and Arabic - to make it easier for speakers to get their start in the sector.

More than half a million people speak predominantly Punjabi at home in Canada, according to Statistics Canada, and just over 285,000 speak Arabic. But for Punjabi and Arabic speakers looking to develop their foodservice careers, it’s tough to find top quality training resources in their own language. 

And that matters. Even those with exceptional English skills learn better when given training materials in their own language. Whether you’re an individual taking your training into your own hands, or an employer who wants to accommodate everyone in their team, it’s well worth seeking out multilingual training options.

Inclusive learning

Language barriers often hold employees back from reaching their full potential. It doesn’t matter whether you’re part of the front-of-house staff, working in the kitchens, or managing restaurant reservations - if you’re not being trained for that role in your own language, you’re at a disadvantage. Research shows that when employees learn in their mother language, they retain and apply that information better on the job. 

It’s even more important in the foodservice sector where safety is paramount. Employers can’t afford any miscommunications in a busy kitchen or any facility that handles food - staff need to fully understand all safety procedures and regulations to keep companies compliant and customers safe. 

Our language options give restaurants the opportunity to build their own accessible and inclusive in-house training programs. Given the prolonged labour shortage, many companies in the sector are still struggling to find talent (according to industry group, Restaurants Canada, 53% of foodservice operators say attracting and hiring new staff is a top priority for them in 2023). Offering accessible training can give foodservice businesses an edge over their competitors, help them attract talent, and show that they’re invested in their team’s success.

Designed by food safety experts, accessible to everyone

Managing Food Safety is our most popular course for a reason. Not only is it packed with all the information food handlers need to know, it’s also easy and convenient to complete. The nationally recognized course is delivered entirely online, with interactive lessons that guide students through the modules to the proctored certification exam. 

Designed by leading food safety expert Kevin Freeborn, MFS is up to date with all relevant federal, provincial and municipal regulations so it can be taken by foodservice workers across Canada. FoodsafetyMarket has been delivering industry-leading training for over three decades and our results speak for themselves - our courses have a 98% pass rate and have helped over 100,000 Canadians get their food handler certification.

We make it easy for businesses looking to train many employees over multiple locations - offering an online training platform that’s customized to your company. This innovative learning portal acts as a virtual classroom where employees simply log into their account, select their course, and begin working through it at their own pace. From this hub, you can offer MFS in a variety of languages to accommodate all your staff. 

To find out more, contact our team today or access the Punjabi language MFS course here, and the Arabic language MFS course here.