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Don’t Cheap Out On Food Safety, Invest In The Best

There are many food safety courses on the market, some of which offer tempting bargains and discounts, but don’t be tempted to sacrifice content for cost - this is one area where quality counts. 

Opting for cheap and easy programs won’t do your employees or your business any favours. From regulatory violations to foodborne illnesses, there’s a lot that can go wrong in a restaurant and you need your staff to get top-notch training to keep employees and customers safe.

4 Questions to ask when choosing your course

Top-of-the-line training will always be worth the expense. You can’t cut corners when it comes to food safety, and many online courses are unfortunately not up to scratch. But how can you tell the ‘too good to be true’ bargains from the real deal? By doing your research and asking yourself the following questions.

1. Is it developed by experts?

Look for food safety programs developed by those with experience in the industry. There’s no substitute for the knowledge acquired by years of hands-on experience, especially in the foodservice sector where regulations are always changing. 

FoodSafetyMarket’s course catalog is one of the oldest and most popular in Canada. Our Food Safety programs were developed by FSM founder Kevin Freeborn, a food safety veteran who has consulted on, and created, many of North America’s leading food safety courses and certifications. 

During its 20+ year history, FoodSafetyMarket has certified over 100,000 food handlers, worked with more than 200 food safety trainers, and guided learners to achieve an exam pass rate of over 98%. Courses developed by experts, create experts. 

2. Is it secure?

Cybercrime is on the rise, and the last thing struggling restaurants need is to deal with the fallout of a data breach. All online activity comes with risk, even training. Check that your course is compliant with data protection regulations and offers secure access for users.

When trainees log into their FoodSafety account, they’re protected by the site’s ultra-secure defenses which keep personal information away from prying eyes. All our security and privacy measures meet the standards set by General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

We also offer companies the ability to host our training programs on their own Learning Management System, giving employers more control over their own data.

3. Is it up to date with all regulations?

Food safety violations can have devastating consequences for businesses, damaging their reputation, revenue stream, and even their survival. In the post-pandemic era, when many restaurants are struggling to recoup their lockdown-related losses, a hefty fine could close their doors for good.

Taking a proactive approach by ensuring all your staff receive the best food safety training possible significantly reduces your risk. Look for courses that are fully up to date with all the latest regulations - including municipal, provincial, and federal standards.

4. Is it externally adjudicated?

Many courses offer self-testing programs where students move through the modules, take their test, and automatically earn a certificate. But what’s the point in investing in training if your staff haven’t absorbed what they’re taught?

You need to make sure your employees can put their training into practice, so you can trust they have the knowledge and skills to handle any real-world situation. The best way to achieve that peace of mind is through proctored exams that offer consistent and harmonized certification. 

All FoodSafetyMarket courses meet rigorous standards, with the final exams professionally proctored in-house or online by our team of food safety experts. Your employees won’t just fill out their resume, tick a box, or get a shiny certificate. They’ll earn in-depth knowledge to further their careers and support your business.

Train your staff, protect your business

If you’re still shaking your head over making room in the budget for training, think of it like cybersecurity. Most businesses understand the need to act before they’re hacked, getting the best defenses money can buy to minimize their chances of an incident.

Don’t get surprised by a foodborne illness, a safety violation, or other unwelcome surprises - protect your business with food safety training that goes beyond certification to deliver real results.

FoodSafetyMarket has a variety of training resources for businesses, individuals, and trainers. We offer certification courses, micro-skills training, and more - all developed and administered by the best in the business. Get in touch today to put your staff on the path to success!