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Want Your Food Handlers certified with Online Food Safety Training?

Having certified food handlers is the only way for your foodservice business to avoid the risk of reputation damage brought on by failed health inspections and causing customers to develop foodborne illness or food poisoning. In the majority of Canadian provinces and territories, businesses are required by law to hire staff with proper food handler certifications.
The problem is often that business owners are too busy running their business to ensure that food handlers receive the food safety training they require to get the job done right. You need a complete solution that will provide your food handlers with a nationally recognized food safety training course to give you and your customers peace of mind, while still allowing food handlers to complete an engaging and informative course at their own pace. Enter Managing Food Safety (MFS), a nationally accredited online training course that prepares food handlers for the real world food safety challenges they are sure to encounter in the workplace.

Online food safety training - An easier way to get food handlers properly certified

Managing Food Safety is the perfect solution for food service businesses without a Learning Management System (LMS), giving you instant access to informative courses that will engage all learners. The course makes use of a wide variety of elements including infographics, relevant case studies, visual problem spotting, and self-auditing activities to make for the most complete online training experience possible. The use of visual elements in MFS helps businesses break down language barriers and easily communicate universally understood food safety guidelines, legislation, and best practices.
Learners can complete the courses 16 modules and certification exam at their leisure, being able to start, stop, and continue from where they left off anytime. The course takes approximately eight hours to complete, with certification being given after the successful completion of a final exam, completed through the Proctor-ME service, available to learners 24/7.

Interactive course designed to represent various industries

MFS has been designed with a wide variety of industries in mind, featuring interactive case studies that can be tailored to sectors including full service restaurants, buffets, healthcare food service, hospitality and tourism, government food service, and retail grocery. These case studies feature realistic and relevant scenarios and operations that learners will be able to connect with, increasing their engagement and ensuring that training is being retained at high rates. Managing Food Safety is the ideal LMS for any type of food service operation, guaranteeing that food handlers will remember guidelines and best practices for years to come.

Easy to access digital certificates for instant verification

Once learners have completed MFS, they are instantly issued a digital certificate that is available anytime and on any device. Digital food handler certification means that staff members will not be at risk of losing their certificates, ensuring quick and painless verification by health inspectors. These easy to access digital certificates inform food handlers about issue and expiration dates, ensuring that staff members can stay ahead of their certification. Learners can even share their digital certification on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter to promote their certification.
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