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Become a Better Manager with Microskills Courses

With the holidays in full swing, restaurants are filling up and while that’s good news for businesses, it puts a lot of pressure on managers. 

Busy periods are what separates excellent managers from their less effective counterparts, showing who has the leadership skills to motivate their team and who is buckling under pressure. If you or your senior staff fall into the latter category, it’s time for a reset. 

Quick and convenient, microlearning courses can help you brush up on crucial leadership skills without disrupting your daily routine. Delivered in bite-sized lessons, you can upskill in minutes and be confident that you have what it takes to lead your staff to success in the new year.

5 Must-have leadership skills for managers

Conflict resolution

Anyone who’s ever watched an episode of ‘Kitchen Nightmares’ knows that tempers fray in busy restaurants. Managing both back office and front-of-house teams can be a handful, and even the best leaders often find their composure slipping. 

Good leaders know how to rein in their team’s frustration, dealing with potential issues before they become an all-out conflict. They’re also skilled at handling tough conversations, such as when an employee is terminated, or delivering difficult feedback.


If you can’t communicate with your team, you can’t lead your team. And there’s a lot more to communication than talking. 

Learning how to effectively communicate in stressful situations, reading body language, and even using the correct tone of voice can make a big difference when trying to inspire and motivate your employees.


A new menu item, new kitchen staff, new facilities - things change almost daily in busy restaurants. Managers have to stay alert and adaptable to any changes, helping others navigate them and planning ahead so that service isn’t disrupted. 


Good leaders know that ‘soft’ skills like empathy and compassion are equally important as practical qualifications. 

In fact, empathy is the most important leadership skill, according to research, as it helps employees trust and respect managers - making them more motivated and engaged as a result. 


Creativity isn’t just for artists, it’s a necessary quality in any workplace to help leaders solve complex problems, innovate, and find imaginative ways to improve their business processes. 

Studies also show that creative leaders make creative employees - with staff mirroring their manager’s innovative approach. So if you want your team to think outside the box, take the initiative, and bring their ideas to work, lead by example.

Upskill quickly & easily with microlearning courses

Delivered in short video lessons, with easily accessible graphics, microlearning courses are one of the best ways to quickly refresh your skills or learn new ones.

Food Safety Market is currently offering its entire microlearning course catalog for just $99. With over 550 courses in the mix, that’s just 17 cents a course! Our lessons are tailored for staff at all levels, including senior employees who are new to managerial positions or seasoned managers who want a quick refresher in areas like conflict resolution or problem-solving.

Our popular leadership courses include:

Whether you purchase a selection of our courses, or the entire library, you get a 12-month subscription so you can dip in and out, learning at your own pace. 

Each module only takes a few minutes to complete and is delivered online via our accessible learning platform. Trainees receive a certificate of completion for every course, which can be added to their resume and promoted on LinkedIn.

Find out more about our workskills training solutions here, and contact FoodSafetyMarket today to get started!