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Be A Better Leader with Microlearning

These are challenging times for the foodservice industry and challenging times call for strong leaders. Whether you manage a small kitchen team, or a full roster of front-of-house wait staff, your employees need to know that you care and that you’ll support them as the sector adjusts to the new normal.

Coming out of repeated pandemic lockdowns, foodservice employees are feeling stressed and anxious about going back to work. And some aren’t going back at all, leaving many restaurants understaffed.

Leaders who demonstrate “soft skills” such as empathy, compassion, and communication can help workplaces get back on their feet quicker by creating an atmosphere of mutual respect and trust. Businesses that look after their employees have less absenteeism and better staff retention. 

If you work in a fast-paced restaurant, it’s difficult to find the time to brush up your leadership skills however, and that’s where microlearning can help. With information delivered in short snippets, these bite-sized lessons are perfect for busy managers who need flexible training options that won’t get in the way of their work.

The benefits of microlearning

Microlearning - where information is broken down into easily-digestible blocks - has become one of the most popular employee training tools in recent years with some experts calling it “the future of professional development”

The format of a microlearning course is typically a series of videos, each a few minutes long, delivering highly-focused information in manageable segments. Studies show this type of learning helps students absorb and retain information by eliminating cognitive fatigue. 

It’s also flexible and convenient, allowing trainees to dip in and out of their course as they work. All you need is a few minutes, an internet connection, and a computer.

Leadership skills and more

FoodSafetyMarket offers a variety of microlearning courses for leaders, covering key topics like diversity and inclusion, employee wellbeing, and emotional intelligence. These can be taken singly or bundled together as part of a course.

Some of our most popular bundles include:

  • Leadership Essentials - featuring modules on delegation and empowerment, decision-making, and how to inspire others 
  • Leadership Role Models - discover the power of patience, how to lead with respect, and tips for staying positive
  • Leadership Toolkit - covering conflict management, leading remote teams, and navigating change.

Each video or module is 2-3 minutes long and you can complete an entire course in just 15 minutes. Lessons are delivered online via our easy and intuitive learning platform and will be available in your account for 365 days so you can train at a time that works for you. 

Simply browse our comprehensive course catalog to get started. There are over 350 microlearning modules to choose from, and you’ll be awarded a certificate for every course you complete. Sign up for an account today and become the leader your team needs as the industry prepares for the post-pandemic recovery.