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Revamp Your Onboarding Process to Attract & Retain Employees


The best way to set up your employees for success is through a successful onboarding process. Without it, your employees won’t be properly attuned to the expectations of their role within your company, nor how that role fits into the overall structure and philosophy of your organization. This can result in a disconnect between new employees and the rest of the workplace, essentially setting them up for failure. 

Poor onboarding processes lead to high turnover rates, leading to talented team members slipping through your fingers all because your onboarding process wasn’t fully realized. Properly on-boarded employees are more likely to become committed to the success of their new employer, are stronger members of the team who fully understand their responsibilities, and feel like valued members of the team from the very beginning. 

The challenge faced by small and mid-size restaurants 

Even though onboarding plays such an important part in creating a successful workforce, not all businesses have access to a corporate onboarding program which has been carefully tailored and workshopped to include all the elements an onboarding process should. Lack of a fully realized onboarding process can sometimes lead to poorly developed employees who haven’t received the training necessary to truly succeed in their role, often leading to higher turnover. 

Even without access to a corporate onboarding program, small and mid-sized restaurants and foodservice businesses can put together an effective program of their own, focusing on providing engaging training, creating a sense of workplace culture, and ensuring that all employees fully understand their role within the organization and how their successes and failures affect the team and the company at large. With the right strategy, your business can ensure that top talent is successfully on-boarded from the beginning, leading to stronger employees, higher rates of retention, and a better overall team.  

The solution? Practical training processes and bite-sized learning 

Small and mid-sized foodservice businesses shouldn’t let the lack of a corporate onboarding process get in the way of creating a successful program of their own. The solution to overcoming a lack of resources?  

Offering new employees an engaging (and practical) food handler training program focused on relatable situations and scenarios, and bite-sized learning which can be easily processed and retained by employees, broadening their skills and knowledge and developing stronger workers over time. Not only will your new employees be better prepared, but a successful onboarding program can attract talent in the future, promising a rewarding career and a valued spot within your business. 

The best way for your foodservice business to build a successful onboarding process is by offering all employees engaging food handler training they’ll be able to use in a real world setting. Whether your business is a grocery store, fast-casual dining, food truck or a nationwide chain, the training you provide should be able to prepare employees for any and all situations which may arise.  

Managing Food Safety, the nationally certified food safety training program offered by FoodSafetyMarket, uses engaging case studies and real world scenarios to create a more relevant learning experience, transcends language barriers through visuals and infographics which can be understood by all employees, and is available for learners to complete either in-person or online. Whether your business has an LMS or not, Managing Food Safety can be easily integrated into your existing system, or learners can use the system hosted by FoodSafetyMarket. 

Onboarding doesn’t just stop with your business's food handler training program, either. Employees should be encouraged to constantly improve their skills and knowledge, brushing up in areas they may have become rusty in, learning new areas of expertise, or just staying sharp in general. FoodSafetyMarket offers convenient and affordable micro-learning courses to improve soft skills. In just a few minutes, employees can improve existing soft skills or learn new soft skills, leading to a more engaged workforce, developing a new generation of leaders, and improving teams by keeping employees sharp. 

By being proactive about onboarding, your business can ensure that top talent is retained for the long-term, employees are kept happy and engaged, and your teams are well-developed. A combination of relevant and engaging food safety training and convenient micro-learning opportunities can ensure that all employees are successfully onboarded, preparing them for a rewarding career and allowing them to understand exactly where they fit within your organization, what their responsibilities are, and what role they play within your team. 

To learn more about the online food handler training and micro-learning programs offered by FoodSafetyMarket, get in touch with our team today.