Multi-Location Business

Food franchises, restaurants, and grocery chains in Canada frequently have to juggle several locations - whether spread across a single province or throughout the entire country. 

Given that safety requirements and regulations can differ from province to province, and even between municipalities, compliance can be a challenge. Not to mention the amount of admin and staffing issues involved in multi-location management.

Let us help.

FoodSafetyMarket can streamline all your food safety training and materials in one centralized location, accessible from anywhere in Canada. Our digital solutions mean your entire team's coursework and certifications can be instantly viewed at the click of a button, while remaining fully secure.

Our courses are fully bilingual so companies with outlets in French-speaking Canada can provide training in both languages. For staff members who may not speak either English or French as a first language, we offer visual aids, such as infographics and other images, to reduce the reliance on text.

Over the years, the FoodSafetyMarket team has worked with businesses throughout the country. Whether you operate in Ontario, do business in BC, or service customers in Saskatchewan, we can help you navigate the food safety framework of each province. All of FoodSafetyMarket's courses and training materials meet and exceed federal, provincial and municipal regulations, giving you peace of mind as you manage multiple locations.

Book a free consultation today to find out how we can help implement a food safety infrastructure that works across all your locations and teams.

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