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Getting your Smart Serve certificate is a breeze with FoodSafetyMarket. Whether you’re getting your entire team certified or just training yourself, we can deliver everything you and your employees need to ace the Smart Serve exam. 

The Ontario Smart Serve accreditation is mandatory for any organization or individual who wants to serve, sell, or handle alcohol in the province. But passing the program doesn’t have to be a hassle. 

FoodSafetyMarket makes training easy - delivering the course online so trainees can learn from anywhere, on any device. Our Smart Serve program, available to all businesses and individuals in Ontario, guides students through the entire course, setting you up for success in the final exam.


Smart Serve for Businesses

Smart serve for businesses

If you’re an Ontario business that sells or serves alcohol, you need to get your employees Smart Serve compliant. And, in some cases, even staff who already have their Smart Serve certificate will need to reapply. 

Thanks to a recent change in the provincial regulations, Smart Serve certificates now expire 5 years from date of issue. This means anyone who got their certificate before July 1, 2018 will have to reapply in June 2023, and anyone certified on or after July 1, 2018 will have five years before they need to retake the test.

Don’t panic if this means you need to train dozens of staff at once or employees from multiple locations. FoodSafetyMarket streamlines training so you can get everyone certified from a single platform, while giving them the ability to move through the course at their own pace. 

Our Smart Serve program can be delivered through from our server, providing everything your employees need to log on and learn. 

Your employees will love the ease and convenience of FoodSafetyMarket’s learning portal. 

Our virtual classroom format ensures that no-one is left behind. Courses are delivered entirely online, with users creating their own accounts so they can study at a time that suits them and keep track of their progress. When your trainees are ready, they take Smart Serve’s proctored exam and receive a digital certificate. It’s that easy! Check out our Smart Serve course for businesses here.

Looking to train your employees in-house? Our team can help you turn your company into a classroom with our in-person programs for staff who don't want to learn online.

Interested in creating an in-person classroom for your employees? Request a Smart Serve training session here.


Smart Serve for Individuals


Smart Serve Training For Individuals

You might be thinking about a career in foodservice, between bar jobs, or working part-time at a restaurant. In all cases, a Smart Serve certificate can help you boost your career prospects and make you a more attractive hire. 

FoodSafetyMarket offers coaching and support for individuals making their way through the self-directed Smart Serve course. We empower hospitality workers to take control of their own training, giving them all the tools they need to get their Smart Serve license quickly and easily. 

When you train with FoodSafetyMarket, you get access to our secure training portal, virtual classrooms and digital course materials. There’s a reason our courses have a 98% pass rate - we’re the best in the business at helping trainees learn and retain the information they need to further their career.

Experts In Food Safety And Food Handler Training

Founded by industry expert Kevin Freeborn, FoodSafetyMarket has been at the cutting edge of foodservice training for over three decades. 

By adding Smart Serve to our extensive course catalog, we continue to demonstrate our ongoing commitment to the industry. It’s important to us that we offer reliable, effective training that encompasses current local, provincial, and federal regulations so you can be sure you’re fully compliant with all legal requirements.

At the same time, we know it’s not just about ticking regulatory boxes. We’re also focused on delivering high-quality training that meets the unique needs of foodservice businesses and food handlers themselves. Our online courses are designed to accommodate different abilities, career levels, industries, and skill sets - providing the training you need, when you need it. 

Enroll in our Smart Serve course here or check out our virtual campus now to see how we can take your career and your business to the next level. Our team is ready to help transform your team!

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