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Your business demands that food handler training & certification is transparent, secure, and meaningful for your employees. FoodSafetyMarket delivers food handler training & certification for some of Canada's largest restaurant chains, grocery and academic institutions, and there is a reason we have been their trusted partner for years.

Our solutions are customizable, require little to no tech knowledge to implement use, and offer certification which cannot be counterfeited and can be easily retrieved by your staff for reporting purposes. 


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Benefits for all businesses include:

  • Open Badges 2.0 Compliant Digital Badges
  • Multilingual programs (French, English)
  • Visual learning aids for those with low literacy levels or who do not speak the languages listed above
  • Programs designed & written by leading food safety training expert Kevin Freeborn
  • Final exams proctored professionally online by Canadian FoodSafetyMarket trainers
  • The choice to have our solution fully hosted on your own LMS or for us to set one up for you, customized with your logo, brand colours, & information pertinent to your business
  • The choice of in-person or virtual training

We have outlined the benefits of our programs which are specific to different types of foodservice businesses below. 

Enterprise-Level Food Handler Certification
Food Safety Training for Multi-Location Businesses
Food Safety Training for Businesses with One Location 

Enterprise-Level Food Handler Certification

We have learned many lessons working with some of Canada's largest chains, and all of them are built into our solution. Two of the FoodSafetyMarket training solution benefits which are coveted by our enterprise clients are:

  • The ability to host our solution on their own LMS
  • The accurate reporting our solution offers

Certification can be retrieved at any time, so you always know who has the proper training and who does not. 

In addition, our solution covers food safety regulations for all of Canada, making it ideal for nationwide chains. 

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Enterprise Business Articles

Food Safety Training for Multi-Location Businesses

If you are an owner or district manager of a 2-10 location foodservice business or restaurant chain, you face the unique challenges of a business that has had to scale quickly. Our clients with this size of business often need to bring in a digital solution for food handler certification to replace having everything on paper or on a spreadsheet that lives on one person's computer.

They also may be employing new Canadians who do not speak English or French well - they need visual aids for learning food safety and reminders which can be posted in the kitchen. Most importantly, you need the implementation to not disrupt your already busy operations. 

FoodSafetyMarket's solutions for business meet all of these requirements and much more.

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Multi-Location Business Articles

Food Safety Training for Businesses with One Location 

Businesses with one location who require our services are usually larger restaurants or foodservice specialty businesses (e.g. butchers and wholesale food manufacturers).

These businesses usually need to introduce a formal solution for food handler certification to manage initial training and retraining for employees. The training and certification needs to meet or exceed local Public Health Unit requirements, as well as provincial and national regulations. 

Our solution is easy to set up and even simpler to use, with visual, engaging learning that will make your staff look forward to renewing their certifications. Plus, management can see at a glance who has training and who does not. 

Articles for One-Location Businesses

What's Included?

  • A customized URL for your business. 
  • Logo, corporate colours, images to reflect your brand.
  • Additional web pages -Contact Us, About Us to personalize your company's food safety learning portal. 
  • A standard course layout including workbook files, quizzes and course evaluations.
  • Option to add additional materials to customize your presentation.
  • Proctor-ME web proctoring service for each of your learners. 

  • Direct support from our team via chat, phone, email.
  • Videos and knowledge base to get comfortable with your company portal.